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Updated 4/3/06

COLORFUL Oil Painting 1 DVD!

Morning Light and Moonlight - First of Three DVDs on Color

You can buy this DVD immediately by using the PayPal button below:

...or there is a printer-friendly form HERE.

Both of these paintings are produced in the DVD!

First of a new series specifically on capturing time of day with Elin's Color System!
This focuses on Time of Day to determine color choices using Elin's simple system of color selection.
Value choices, design and supplies and the color system
An easy -to-follow theory makes good color choices fast and fun!
The DVD version includes a slide show with Elin's comments about how she paints each subject.
Using two cameras, you'll see both the palette with the mixtures as well as the canvas.
The two paintings above are completed in the lessons.

Purchase the set of three - Colorful Oil 1, Colorful Oil 2 and Colorful Oil 3 (coming December 2005)and save $17! Use the button below for the set, through Paypal:

A printer-friendly order form for checks or money orders can be found by clicking HERE.

Also included on this DVD are outtakes, a slide show where Elin comments about how many of her paintings were done, and an automatic web connection when this DVD is played on a computer or web-enabled DVD player.

An experienced workshop teacher and college instructor, Elin gives you the tools to create beautiful paintings while demonstrating her Color System using oils.

Elin is a full member of the American Academy of Equine Art, and is the author of “Horses in Acrylics”--a Walter Foster book. She is past president of Women Artists of the West, and a mentor member of the Equine Art Guild. She has been painting for over three decades and continually presents her artwork and her instructional DVDs from her web sites.