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Updated 1/20/06

Horses in Acrylics by Elin Pendleton

OUT OF PRINT as of January, 2012. Sorry!

Comments on this book....

You can order my other Walter Foster books, or my DVDs

The Cover!

Elin doing a Christmas book signing to happy purchasers in Fallbrook, California.

Elin's first of four books for Walter Foster featured her beloved horses, using acrylic paints to create thirteen paintings. Sample pages of the 36-page book are shown below, and the book was available signed from the artist for US $12.95, which included a personal message autograph by the author.

You can still order a signed copy completely in Spanish! If you'd like a Spanish edition of Caballos en Acrylico, please note on your order.

The Cover of Horses in Acrylics

Inside Lesson:

Another Inside Page:

Order the Spanish version through PayPal, or use the order form through the mail.

See the lesson paintings in the book by clicking here! (Opens a new page.)

Table of Contents:

Tools and Materials

Parts of a Horse

Planning A composition

Expressing Mood

Working with White

Developing Texture

Capturing a Likeness

Focusing on Foals

Painting on Site

Using Photo References

Telling a Story

Conveying Quick Motion

Exploring Slow Movement

Comments from buyers of Elin's book:

Barbara T. (handwritten note): "I received your instruction book on horses. So excited. Your book is beautifully done. Many thanks for making it possible for me to possess it. I know I will become a better artist becauses of you."

Suzanne F. "It's really an amazing thing to have your beautiful work and knowledge so available to the public. Kind of like opening up a crackerjack box and finding a diamond as your prize. If I'd had a Walter Foster book of that quality as a child, what a difference it would have made."

B. L, Ohio: "Elin's book arrived just before Christmas, and while I was anxious to jump into it I only had time to browse and didn't want to comment until I had time to sit with my coffee and savour it.  Most of you know I took Elin's oil painting workshop in Lexington last summer, in the hope of gaining some knowledge of the medium and absorbing some of Elin's color theory and becoming more relaxed and loose with the brush. ... That said, it was such a kick to receive the book with the "Walter Foster" seal of approval. These are the books that inspired most of us who were born holding a pencil in one hand and a bottle in the other!  The book follows the Walter Foster format and well organized.  The color is very good - the color on the slick cover and back is especially beautiful. 
Equine painters are going to truly enjoy the abundance of information, condensed and to the point.  I was so impressed with the variety of breeds and topics, from horses in the landscape, to the hunt, the track, the working breeds, foals and western!  The best part for me is the glorious brushwork - one can't help but be inspired by the expressive, joyous way Elin handles a brush and her exquisite sense of color. And those edges. . .  If you are looking for those stiff, stuck on horse portraits, you won't find them here.

Elin, you must be thrilled and delighted to think how artists will be inspired by and learning from your hard work and talent for years to come.  That is a huge contribution along with your beautiful work. These books never die, they are kept, treasured and handed down."

Kimberly S.: "Your book is beautiful!! I just had a few minutes to eagerly rip the envelope open and browse through it - but I can tell it will be a wonderful read after the holidays, and lead me to explore some exciting little exercises - thanks so much!!"