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Updated 6/23/10

Mountain Paintings

San Jacinto, San Gorgonio Wilderness Areas, Snow, Pines and anything over 5,000 feet!

"California Ridge" Today I took a break from working in the studio to make a new hiking trail on the mountain behind our place. It was about 3 p.m. and entailed the following steps: I took the machete out and sharpened it on the grinder. I led Vincent van Goat out of the pen and put his pack saddle and red pack bags on, loaded with water and my sweatshirt, and off we went. The mare (who thinks Vincent is her foal) went crazy neighing and running back and forth most of the time we were up on the mountain, creating quite a dust storm as she galloped back and forth in the corral. Using the machete, I cut about three-tenths of a mile of new trail through the brush until the sun was gone and it started to turn cold. Trail cutting is both hard work and euphoric, and I do enjoy it. A new hiking area is opened up, I can let the terrain guide the location and direction of the trail, and working in the company of a friendly white goat is very much in touch with nature. 

12 x 12 oil, of rocks and possible trail locations, so very characteristic of California hillsides. One ought to paint the things that are close to your heart, and I was very close to the brush and rocks as the trail opened up due to my effort. $250

"Lily Rock from Humber" Painting on location in Idyllwild, Elin set up her easel at Humber Park, which is the trailhead for the Devil's Slide and the connection to the Pacific Crest Trail.  This monolithic rock is a favorite for climbers and overlooks the town of Idyllwild.  Original Oil on Canvas, 20 x 24, US $ 400 from the artist.

"On the Hill below the Tram" Elin traveled to the Palm Springs Tramway as part of the La Quinta Plein Air Desert Event, and painted this 18 x 24 oil while the sun was setting in the west.  The painting was done before the light was gone, and you can almost feel the cold air. This painting was published in the Idyllwild Community Calendar for January! Original Oil on Canvas, 18 x 24 inches  US $ 575  Purchase from the artist