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Updated 1/29/11

Color System Workshop in Riverside, California

March 2011

Color Boot Camp in March 2011

Scroll down below the images to see the Riverside Workshop.

Happy Boot Camp Graduates with samples of their work!

The Facility - The 1200 sq. ft. workshop space and studio behind the green vines and extending under the upper level of the home. Parking is near the studio entrance or slightly up the hill.

The studio is surrounded by patios, gardens and a koi pond, where attendees can relax and eat lunch.

Inside is a well-lighted studio shown here during a recent workshop.

Color Boot Camps

Elin teaches what are now called "Color Boot Camps" where student artists learn her Color System--how to accurately mix color to achieve a specific time of day or lighting situation in any subject or medium. The workshops are taught with oils or acrylics, Elin demonstrating in both media, but students bring what media they use, as theory applies to any medium.

You'll be painting subjects you're familiar with, but with new and beautiful color choices to depict accurately specific times of day.

Elin learned the choices for good color from Dan Mieduch, who was taught by James Reynolds, the master of color and time of day in traditional painting. What Dan imparted has been processed by Elin--a trained teacher--to a delivery method that allows so many "AHA!" moments while you learn it. The workshops are an expanded content of her popular DVD series on Colorful Oil Painting, and the Color Boot Camps give "live" time to ask relevant questions and paint along with Elin. Small classes, individualized instruction and full service (meals and a beautiful facility) guarantee your positive experience.

Click below to reserve your space!


Deposits of $105 or payment in full of $210 can be made by clicking the drop-down menu and the Paypal button to your left.

If you do not want to pay via PayPal, please email me indicating that you are mailing a check. Your date stamp on the email will reserve your spot until the check arrives.

Please click HERE, to access the registration form you'll need to fill out to complete your application.

March 12 - 14, 2011 - Three Days, $210

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5. 10.

Click here to get a printable workshop application and information sheet. You'll need to email or mail it to Elin to finalize your space. She teaches a maximum of only ten students in her Riverside studio, so press your Refresh/Reload button to see if your name has been added to the list.

If you choose to pay using a mailed check, you can email me Date stamp on the email determines your spot. I will hold a space or wait-list space for you until your faxed application arrives and/or your check comes in the mail. I will only hold your space for five days, so be sure to mail your deposit or full payment within this time frame!