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Updated 12/15/08

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March 2006

January 2006

June/July 2005

March/April 2005

June 2004

May 2004
Kentucky Horse Park Artist-in-Residence, April 23 - 29, 2004
April 2004
March 2004
January/February 2004
December 2003

November 2000

March 2006

This month is preparation month for several major shows in April, including the Cattlemen's Western Art Show in Paso Robles and the Women Artists of the West Membership show in Simi Valley/Newhall, California. Both shows will have me camped out in my camper, enjoying the full pleasure of living where the art is shown. I've created some nice western work for both of these shows, and hope to meet and add new collectors to my expanding list.

The Daily Paintings are still coming off my brush, every day, with many different subjects to hand. Large and small canvases, many from life, and such a joy to paint. Over 80 as of this writing for this year alone, and all seem to keep to the high quality I demand of my brushes.

There's some movement afoot to relocate, and as this unfolds, I'll post more.

January 2006

An interesting beginning to the new year--last October I started doing a painting a day, and developed the web site to showcase the work. It has been unbelievably successful, with people joining the mailing list to sign up for each work to be sent via email on a daily basis. We just passed the 500 person mark this month! Working with a daily deadline has changed my work--I'm reaching for the essential in new ways, and yet still making time for the more complex compositions and color choices. Every brush stroke is a learning experience.

Another note is I have released my newest DVD on the Colorful Oil System, featuring backlit and early-afternoon and late-morning light situations. This DVD also has the release of the new daytime color wheel. I'm so pleased it came out as well as it did!

June/July 2005

Busy summer time with plein air competitions coming up, one at the end of July in Chico, in the Sacramento River Park. I'll be RV camping and using my bicycle with it's tow gear to get to areas that have a lovely vista of the parkland. Check out my site after the 23rd to see the new paintings!

I've spent the most part of May sending packages off for several new projects and shows, including some Public Art projects in collaboration with artist Ron Wood. He does architectural glass installations, and fused glass, which can take my paintings and make them into permanent artistic features for homes and businesses!

March/April 2005

You might have noticed as you look at the new work on my site, that the big images are now marked with "copyright protected" on the image. I've had to do this because of unscrupulous people trying to duplicate and sell my original ideas and concepts. It is sad that people have so little originality, and think it is fine to steal another's work. The complexity of the overprint will deter all but the most dedicated, dishonest people from using my images. I'm working on these changes as time allows, and actively tracking down any images that come up for sale on ebay or other on-line stores.

If you've purchased an original painting of mine, I know you'll appreciate the work I'm doing to keep these low-lifes from making these cheap copies. Please let me know if you find someone who is selling copies of my work. As a teacher, I don't mind people copying my work for learning purposes--after all, I have an instructional book out!--but I really take umbrage with those other creeps.

Just finished up showing as a Premier Artist at the Norco Western Art Show, with awards and sales. Nice to return to a friendly venue and see familiar faces.

I'm working on a dog commission right now, and have some images here.

This is the working sketch for the chocolate lab painting commission. Approved by the owners.
First color lay in, on an 18 x 24 inch canvas. This dog passed away from cancer, and the owners wanted a portrait.

They made some minor changes in an email back to me.

The canvas is almost completely covered, but only the first pass. Owners are very happy with the color, and so am I. This is near a pond they have.
You can see the finished image on my Recent Work page.

My sister and I took a ten-day trip back to Virginia, to see old remembered places, and to enjoy a vacation together. It was very educational, and we enjoyed ourselves, bringing us closer than we thought possible. You can see our trip here.

We're still working on our new home and studio, and all the information you need to know (and a lot you probably won't be interested in) is here.

June 2004

During this month, I've had the pleasure of teaching a full workshop (click to see the story) for the American Academy of Equine Art in Lexington, Kentucky, using the system of color that seems to make the paintings come alive. Although a challenge, and tiring for the students, they were dedicated and produced collectively over 110 (yes, you read that right, one HUNDRED and TEN) paintings in the five days. I am still honored by their dedication and extraordinary learning jumps. I'm already planning for the workshop for 2005, because I really want to do this again.

Before I could leave for Kentucky, I had to meet my own deadline of shooting the video and producing the hour-long new instructional video on this color method, depicting early morning and moonlight. Digital editing and putting exactly what I needed to get into the video was in intense four days, to meet the deadline of duplication and preparation. The first video is now available and the second and third videos covering all the major times of day will be done in August and September of this year! Below are the two paintings featured in the newest video--both equine subjects.

May 2004

I've been working on several commissions for collectors I have not had the pleasure of meeting, yet feel I know from the many emails that have been exchanged. I've also been preparing for the five-day workshop at the Kentucky Horse Park, painting studies and value pieces to help the students with an understanding of the color system I'm using.

April 2004

Hello from Buellton! I'm camped for the night on my way up to Paso Robles, for the Cattlemen's Western Art Show that opens tomorrow night (April 2). I have 15 new paintings to show, and although each artist is only allowed to show eight at any one time, I hope for brisk sales and replacing many of these nice little gems. I'll be demonstrating while I'm there, painting several new work. (Check the "New Work" page!)

I stopped in Van Nuys this afternoon to drop off the thirteen paintings for the Walter Foster Book at Image-anation, the only business that makes only transparencies and slides for artists. They quickly took transparencies of five of the paintings and gave them back, so I could hit the road again and miss rush hour traffic.

March 2004

I'm beginning to plan my trip as an artist-in-residence in Kentucky next month. I've purchased flights, rental car and am now planning my days where I'll be, and what I'm going to paint. Such fun!

In March the show season officially begins.

First it is the La Quinta Festival of Arts, March 18, 19, 20 and 21. I'm heading out with several big canvases of African wildlife. Elephants in the moonlight, and giraffes backlit by a setting sun are among the new work going with me. I'll be set up in booth 436, over by the food in the southwest corner of the Festival Grounds on Washington Street. You know me, I'll be painting new work while I'm in the booth, too! Come by and say hello.

Since November of last year, I have been in the studio meeting deadlines for the Walter Foster Publishing of my book, "Painting Horses in Acrylics". Thirteen paintings, with step-by-step instructions, including slides of every step! It certainly slowed me down for getting other work done. The book will hit shelves in January of 2005. You'll be able to get a personally autographed copy directly from me, if you like. I'll let you personally know via my email list when it is in my hands!

January/February 2004

I returned to the Coachella Valley desert to again participate in one of the greatest plein air events--the La Quinta Desert Plein Air. This year it was held in conjunction with the Chrysler Bob Hope Classic Golf Tournament, so we were allowed access to some of the finest golf courses in the world for painting locations! Although the week was cooler than usual, and I even got rained on; it was a wonderful, fun experience again. Sales on Sunday at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort were brisk, and I have some new collectors. (Welcome to those of you visiting for the first time!)

February saw me working again on the book, and getting ready for the Cattlemen's Western Art Show in April. I need eight or more new works with a horse or western theme for this venue in Paso Robles. Email me if you'd like a special invitation to the buyer's night on Friday, April 2. I'll be sure you have one.

December 2003

Welcome to the information page just for you as a collector of my work! This is a more personal page of information to those people who have already purchased an original piece of my work, and is a way to keep in touch with you. I'll use this page to keep you updated on the latest information about exhibitions, about prices for comparable pieces, and new trends for subject matter. I'll also point to paintings on the site that I feel are showing those new trends. I'll be your "gallery guide" from this page.

Please if your browser supports it, bookmark this page and be notified whenever it is updated. If you're using Internet Explorer, you can click on "Favorites" and "Subscriptions" and then "Notify" and then IE will let you know when this page has been updated with new information. Other browers mostly can do this as well. It's like having your own personal assistant!

I'll update this page with information monthly, with the latest painting news, and send emails to those who have given me permssion to contact you. (I hate spam, too!) Doing it this way allows me to write to you and not have a spam blocker take out my emails. I was using a commercial site to do that, but this is much better, and far more personal. If you're not on my special mailing list, please click here and send the email that comes up. If you're not on your own computer, just send me an email with your own address in the body, and I'll be sure you receive the notifications.

November 2000

A bit of news. I was interviewed for an article in Art Talk Magazine, on how the Internet and the World Wide Web has changed how marketing art affects both artists and galleries. The article said, "Another piece of advice comes from artist Elin Pendleton ( of California. She has her own site and encoursged the Women Artists of the West, a group she belongs to, to post a site too. Pendleton comes from a marketing backgroundand is intensely interested in applying those principles to the Internet just like they're applied anywhere in the business world.

"I'm a real proponent of keep it simple. If it won't load quickly on someone's computer I won't do it," she says. "Keep in mind many people are still on 28.8k connections. That mean no graphics-intensive sites. So many of these Web gurus just want to flex their muscles and show what they can do. People call up those sites and can't download all that stuff quickly and just give up and move on. They never see it. If you've got something that gets in people's faces you have a better chance of selling it. It's just like any retail store. If I eye something on a shelf, I don't want to wait for a clerk to come along and pull it down off the shelf."

She recommends gallery people go to the library, log onto a computer and see how long it takes their page to download. Different servers move at different rates. Find out about key words and how search engines locate them. Think in reverse about who they really want to reach. Search out good links for pages. Pendleton, for example, paints horses. Her site contains links to a Web site dealing exclusively with draft horses.

Marketing savvy connected to art Web sites has to go beyond technical aspects, too. Pendleton, who shows in galleries, directly sells three or four paintings a ...