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Updated 6/23/10

The Red Mile Racing Scene - Paintings with the Spirit of the Industry

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The Red Mile Racetrack and Tattersall's Sales Arena are the historic race course for harness horses in Lexington, and Elin paints the spirit of this course for the annual Harness Tracks of America auction in October of each year.

"Greased Lightning" The second in the paintings I am doing for the Harness Tracks of American auction. This year I'm sendng three 12 x 16 oils, and all three will be similar. I'm not sure why, but I enjoy painting skies and horses! Original oil on canvas, 12 x 16 inches. Available only through their web site this fall.
"Spirit of the Sport" Original oil on canvas, 12 x 16 inches.
"Foggy Workout" This is a 9 x 12 oil was an exercise in depicting a foggy and mist-shrouded day. 
The Red Mile - Morning Workout Elin spent one morning drinking in the spirit of this famous harness horse track in Lexington, and applies her color knowledge to bring to life the first of several paintings depicting the harness horse world. Original oil on board-backed canvas, 16 x 12 inches.
Rounding the Turn, Red Mile, Lexington It shows the old stable and the color of the dirt in the morning light.
Joy Ride! (at the Red Mile) When I was standing in the in field area (in the center of the Red Mile), watching the morning workouts, I wondered how many kids had disobeyed their parents and taken a horse out for a moonlight joy ride. I know I would have been one of them! Original oil, 12 x 16 inches
The Red Barrel at the Red Mile Original oil, 9 x 12 inches.
Purple at the Red Mile 12 x 16 oil, full of color

Red Mile Workout 9 x 12 oil