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Updated 4/12/11

Newest Paintings by Elin Pendleton, AAEA, WAOW, EAG

Still fresh from the easel, you have the first opportunity to see the diversity and depth of the paintings I produce. Without framing costs, these original works are both affordable and save on shipping. After showing for approximately eight weeks on this page, the unsold paintings are moved to their subject pages. Many instructional lessons and paintings are to be found listed on my Daily Paintings site and also sold through my ebay store. Due to my productivity, this page will only show paintings measuring 9 x 12 inches and larger. The smaller works are included on my Daily Paintings site.

March 2011

"View to the West" 5 x 7 inch oil, $100

With the PAAR group, I went to the Rancho Jurupa Park on the Santa Ana River for a day of painting. I did two, one in the morning which is on display at the show, and this one late in the afternoon when the sun finally started to dip below the distant hills.  The photograph of this little 5 x 7 oil just doesn't do it justice, as the colors are far more yummy than what you see here. Funny how that happens! 

"Anza Narrows Bridge, Riverside" 12 x 9 Oil $250

On location this time, I went as part of the Plein Air Painters of Riverside (PAAR) on their week-long paint out last week. This is the fifth year, and I've been in it several times. The bridge in this 12 x 9 oil is the Union Pacific Viaduct at the Anza Narrows park on the Santa Ana River, built in 1904.

Last year I stayed up in the park where most of the artists were today. This year I wanted a more dramatic view, so Willow and I hiked down into the riverbed and got near enough to the architecture to get the dramatic upward span of one of the arches. Below is a photograph of my setup spot with the almost finished painting on the Easyl. I was fascinated by the graffiti on the uprights of the bridge as a contrasting color to the predominantly blue/yellow ochre of the day.

Done rather quickly (as most of my plein air work is), I now feel as though the sky needs more punch to honor the sweeping shape of the arch. Yet as you can see from the photo below, the sky that day was about as I painted it. Ah, back to the studio for some creative license! This painting never saw the light of sharing at the PAAR event, as I quickly packed up and headed home after enjoying a walk up and down the riverbed with Willow. And I'd signed it, so it stayed in the studio--the plein air competition pieces remain unsigned.

Finished and now on display in Kansas City at the Art Show at the Dog Show! 24 x 24 box canvas, "Calicobermans" won third place in the Other Media category.

As artists we have a supreme obligation to interpret our world around us, and we do so by taking our realities and putting them through our sensitivities and training to emerge in our art forms--whatever those take. As I have said often, it isn't about the end product (nice to have something that works, though!), it is about the PROCESS of creating that is of value for me. I hope it is for you, too.

Art is part of my life--a big part--and sometimes, like a wave, life comes and takes me under for a while. However, I've always been like a cork, rising to the top even in the greatest deluge. I credit optimism, a greater world view, and close friends for my buoyancy. Thanks to you!

"Idyllwild, Lily Rock" 16 x 20 Oil Available through the Idyllwild Gallery

Finishing up this 16 x 20 was a joy, so easy without any issues of what to do to make it "be" more than what I felt when I was there. Easy color choices, too because of the Color System.

February 2011

Heading up the hill from the first location, I sat down on a bench in the herb garden and looked out over the turquoise roof lines of the UCR campus. I pulled out a second 7x5 panel, and started to work, with the light slightly from my left and playing across the mostly dormant herb beds. Lavender is in bloom now, and it was a heady scent coming on the warm air. 

With the company of two of the board members for the gardens in conversation, I worked on this one only for about thirty minutes.  It was fun putting in the red bricks of the walkways and the atmospheric distance between the pines.

7 x 5 Oil, available for $100, email me.

Can it get any nicer to sit in short sleeves and sunshine and paint outside?  I don't think so!  Over at the University of California Riverside, in their Botanic Gardens, I spent a delightful half day getting my wrist moving with the oils on location.

Two 7 x 5 canvases later, and I packed up my gear and walked around the twenty eight acres of lush landscaping back to my car.  This little first one was done in the succulent gardens, looking toward Box Springs Mountain and the "C" in yellow up high.  At this time of year, the succulents and cacti are all in bloom or nerely so, and the colors are gorgeous.  I'm a lucky artist in that I can get out and paint all year in this climate! 

7 x 5 Oil, available for $100, email me.

January 2011

Amazing how life gets in the way of the joy of what we really WANT to do, eh?  Tonight I finally finished the 9 x 12 acrylic that I brought back from New Jersey and present it to you on this cc-c-c-cold day for most of the country.  Snow everywhere except here, and I'm grateful for not having it here.  I bought seeds and a grape vine to put in tomorrow.

Tonight though, I am sharing this watery landscape with you.  And tomorrow the plein air pieces done as I finally get back into the swing of being an artist.  It's what I DO, that's for sure

9 x 12 acrylic, Available for $220, just email me.

Many smaller daily paintings that don't appear on my Recent Work page can be viewed here.