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Updated 9/7/07

Students and Collectors have offered many kind words about Elin regarding her workshops, sales through the Internet and her professional writing.  Please click below to go directly to quotes from these groups. 

Comments from Collectors

Comments about Elin's Color System

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Comments from Workshops 

Demonstrations and Critiques

Comments regarding Elin's published Books/Articles

Comments about Elin's Color System

I just had to tell you that I had my first solo art exhibit in a small gallery in High Springs, Florida, ... I sold over half of the work that I had on the walls! ... I heard good things that spoke to what I was trying to accomplish in my painting relative to light, emotion,and a sense of place. ... Anyway, the reason that I am writing all of this is because the Color System was really a large part of helping me to capture that light, emotion and sense of time and place.... it has certainly been the knowledge base which has helped me to make paintings about horses and scapes that potentially carry a deeper meaning. ... a heartfelt thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us on a daily basis. --Sue Johnson, Florida.

I have attached the first pass of a painting that I  am working on in oil.  My professor will tell you that I have stunk at oil painting prior to this.  I agree. I am so happy with the progress that I have made after viewing your second DVD.  I used my reference photo and played the DVD probably six times while I was painting.  ...I will be playing your DVD's while I paint for quite some time. The way you explain color is the best I have heard so far.  Thank you soooooooo much for sharing your knowledge and experience. --Kathy Lambert

Comments from Collectors

Collector Toni Vaughn writes: "Still Life With Oranges" arrived yesterday and I LOVE it!!!  It's even prettier than the photo showed.  Thank you so much!!!

From Diane Morgan in Indian Wells, California: "I'm so thrilled to finally own an "Elin". I don't know what took me so long. I'm going to consider it a good luck charm. Hanging in my studio, I hope it passes along to me some of your talent and energy and inspires me to paint every matter what. I can't believe how lucky I am to have "Number One"!

My wonderful painting arrived today. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to own an original Elin! But even more, it is truely a great little painting. As I would bet all of yours are. Thank you so much. I am going to enjoy looking at it and marveling at your work. And it will have a place of honor in my studio along with others in my growing collection of EAGer art. Now I just have to work toward being able to own a big one! --Juliet Harrison, New York

The Pez commission arrived yesterday and it is beautiful. I love it and am looking forward to getting it framed and hanging it in our living room. Thanks so much for taking the commission and putting your heart and talents to work on this painting. We are going to enjoy it for many, many years. 

I was given your painting "Ponytails" for Christmas and have it in a special place in my "studio", and received as well, your 3 dvds on oil painting. I look forward to having instruction through distance learning via these tapes. And I hope to meet you at some time for in-person instruction and I am checking your website for activities that you are planning. Most of them seem to be outside of California. Will you teach from your home or in a California/Oregon city any time soon??? ... Thank you for sharing yourself and your talent. --Kris Baxter :-*

From Lisa Varney: "I wanted you let you know that I received "Afternoon Ride". It's better viewed in person than on the website. I love it! I can't wait to receive my frames and get it up on the wall. Thank you and Happy Holidays!"

From Lynn Wade, AAEA: "I cannot tell you how much I love this painting! It arrived, I opened it up, and I lost my breath when I saw it! I love it even more than the Internet. You know how those smaller images look better? Nuh uh! I am staring and staring at this thing--your brushwork, and everything about it. I literally lost my breath and every goosebump came up on both arms! I adore this painting!"

From Julie Buchanan, Director of the American Academy of Equine Art: "Rocky is great and is currently hanging in my living room!"

From Kim Darby, Odessa, Florida:  I just wanted you to know the paintings arrived and they are even more beautiful than the pictures! You are so talented!!!! I was giving "Busted" to my husband in July for his birthday but I couldn't stand it - I had to show him. He LOVES that painting. First thing out of his mouth was -"that looks just like Amanda!".
 Thank you so much,   I'll keep in touch!

From Joyce Woolridge, Canadian collector: I just got back from California with my painting safely in my hands.  The Beer Mule is so wonderful I can't tell you how much I love it!!!! You have captured the very soul of this mule and it is oh so correct.  Thankyou for my incredible painting.  I have my eye on another one of your pieces and you may be hearing from me soon again. I have become one of you best supporters and promoters......... 
 Keep up the wonderful work and hope you do business again soon.
 I truly hope to meet you one day, sincerely, Joyce Woolridge

Ms. Marie Iden, Oakhurst, CA, owner of "Age and Innocence":  "My reaction to the picture is past 'liking' it.  You captured Shawnee's spirit.  I sat it across from my desk in my office and in just glancing at it from time to time it seemed like a part of her was there in the room with me.  Of course I respond to the temptation to stare at it up close and can't figure out why she is gone then <g>.
I am going to bring it home - over the weekend I realized a perfect place for it - I will take down two pictures of Yosemite in the living room and put this in their place.  I can't wait to get it here now - I keep looking at the 'spot' and wondering why it isn't there. It also makes me sad to realize the little girl and the Old Lady are transitory and this picture will be there long after they have gone away. If only we could 'freeze' life too.
You did a marvelous job, and I of course take some credit for capturing that
particular moment on film so you could redo it with their spirits intact."

Mr. James Young, Collector in Nottinghill Farm, Columbia Station, OH
"The package arrived yesterday and the doe painting is now happily hung on the wall near a large photograph of Kay's herd in a valley by the barn with dogwoods in bloom. It fits right in! Seriously, Kay loves your rendition of the doe and it is already one of her most-prized possessions. It's a hit!" 

Mr. Brent Hiller, Owner of Hiller Chevrolet in Yoakum, TX "I want to thank you for the beautiful art work.  They far exceeded my expectations in fitting in our beach home. The ease of purchasing and the prompt delivery made my first Internet purchase a breeze. " (Mr. and Mrs. Hiller purchased two paintings from my site.) 

Ms. Gaye Crosby Smith, Colorado Springs City government, Colorado: 
It's hard to believe that I am now the proud owner of FIVE of your lovely paintings!  It has been such a thrill to watch your growth as an artist over the past 
25 years... and I love to be able to get on line, visit your website and see what you're up to! 
Acquiring "Quiet Afternoon with Holland Road View" was a whole new experience for me.  I have to admit that I was a little leery of choosing a piece of art over the 
Internet, sight unseen.  Would the photo on your website be truly indicative of the quality of the actual painting?  Would it get from California to Colorado intact? 
Happily, the answers to both concerns is a resounding YES!!  My painting was superbly packed and shipped, and arrived in excellent condition.  And it is 
absolutely gorgeous, moreso than I dared to hope.  Thank you once again, and please--if you have any one who is considering purchasing one of your paintings on line and would like to talk to a satisfied client, do feel free to use me as a reference, OK?  Email Ms. Smith:

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Comments from Demonstrations and Critiques:

A.W.S. (Sebastopol, CA) "Our art club would like to epxress our sincere appreciation for your EXCELLENT demonstration last Thursday in Sebastopol. We learned so much... It was GREAT! Your paintings were really terrific and we loved you!

North County Society of Fine Arts, Critique Evening:  "There are givers and there are takers.  You're a giver, par excellence.  I can't stand myself when I rein people in because of time constraints.  Your instruction, tactful, but right on target with reference to elements of art and design in dialogue with artists should have gone on unchecked.  Your students at San Jacinto are lucky to have someone so attuned to the human condition and change as they relate to art. ...With thanks from me and a satisfied (because they learned more) audience.  --Valerie

Fallbrook Art Association:  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed seeing you at work, including the great tips for plein air painting.  We were all inspired by your technique, your love of nature and the great outdoors.  --Florence Rousseau

Associated Artists:  On behalf of the Associated Artists, thank you again for ane xcellent painting demonstration and many "handy hints" for painting outdoors.  We appreciate your sharing your time and talent. --Deanie Laughrun

Temeku Art League, Temecula:  You were stupendously wonderful; I watch with stonishment and bated breath.  How do you do it with so much elan?  The answer is so simple--you do it and do it and do it--as naturally as your breathe.  Thank you, Helena

Another Temecula member: Thanks a million for coming to our art group to demonstrate! Everyone was so impressed, and they enjoyed the love that you shared with us.

Yucaipa Valley Art Association: As indicated by the turnout of members and guests, your demonstration was certainly looked forward to and enjoyed by all attending. We thank you again for helping us complete our first six months of this year with such an aoutstanding meeting, continuing our successful twentieth year as a community-oriented organization.

Thanks for another fine demonstration and video tape! It is always a pleasure to watch you paint and to learn some new ideas and techniques--and especially to be inspired to paint. Our association always looks forward to your presentations. --Deanie L., Secretary of Temeku Art League

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Comments from Workshops:

Acadia Workshop, Maine, 2007:

Phyllis Bunn: I learned a bunch about color--like the pillbox system. I think before I paint now! Thanks!

Marie Swanson: I elarned to use more paint, use more mid-tones, and PLAN my painting to choose the time of day, the value pattern and the focal point. I learned to paint often and enjoy it--relax!

Elizabeth Brownlow: I 'think" I know and understand the Color System 'a la Elin'! I learned to pinch the fingers together to get the 'mother color' and so many other things that need to sift down. Thanks so much for all your great enthusiasm and effort! Great meeting you finally!

Carolyn O'Connor: I canot tell you how much I enjoyed your class and how special the time we spent together was. Thanks again for sharing your talent!

Teaching the online Art Appreciation college course: "Thank you for a wonderful class. I'm 56 years young and I have taken many art classes. You are the first to teach me about "color". I shall never begin a painting, visit an art gallery or view a sunset without remembering your teaching." Carol T.

Workshop at the Kentucky Horse Park, "Color Boot Camp", June 2004:

Veronica: "You've changed my painting life! Thanks for making me think, for a new and colorful outlook. I cannot wait to put your teachings into practice your teachings into practice and am excited about hte possibilities. It is amazing how much you've managed how much you've managed to pull out of us all.
Your upbeat manner, energy and encouragement along with your extensive knowledge and wisdom has all been so greatly appreciated this week. I know I shall be a better painter with there newly-learned tools, no longer afraid of color! I shall enjoy the new terms, too--will try not to NOODLE!"

Margi: "Your presentation of color and value is helping me untangle this vast endless range of possibilities. Thanks for introducing me to the value/composition "tool" of Whitney's six design forms. I will use it endlessly!...New ways of thinking will help me solve old bad habits. I like the idea of using real stuff (color spectrum/light vibrations) for the guideline on how to think about and work with color.
Major revelations on how to handle color temperature from "front to back" in a composition! Lovc it!

Kirsten: "Elin's workshop was by far the best educaitonal experience I have had with painting. Every objective was taught with personal knowledge and experience and is essential in creating dynamic and interesting works of art."

Barb: "Elin has taken the guesswork out of which color to use and where, at different times of day/light. A major "AHA!" moment. I finally get it!

Simi Valley Art Association Workshop in Acrylics, May 2000.  "I have been a watercolorist for quite a few years and have wanted to try acrylics again (it has been about 30 years since I tried painting in acrylics).  I bought 4 new brushes and I already had a gallon of white semi-gloss latex paint, bunch of blank canvases and the acrylic paints.  Your timesaver tip on the semi-gloss paint was great.  Previously, I would get all pooped out from just putting the gesso on the canvas before I could even start painting.  The first day I primed about 9 canvases in about an hour and was ready to paint whatever I wanted after that.  I work full time so do not have a whole lot of spare time for painting.  The first week I was able to complete 2 paintings !!  And, it was completed "painless".  I am starting to get the hang of how using the acrylics work best for me. Thank you so much for your demo and your inspiration to try this medium again!"   Nancy Whitlock

Willene Hatfield: 
"Elin is a very personable, generous, organized and knowledgeable teacher.  As a member of one of her enjoyable workshops, I feel fortunate that she shared her many talents with the class." 

Ellen Cookay: 
"Elin's acrylic workshop was fun as well as enlightening.  Working in another style and palette opened new painting 'doors'.  It is easy to see why Elin's paintings are so vibrant.  She projects her personality into her work.  It was amazing how time flew by.  I was truly having fun." 

Vita Sorrentino: 
"I have enjoyed your workshop very much!  You are a wonderful teacher and your knowledge of art is great.  I hope to be able to take your workshop again." 

Roxanne K. Steed ( 
"This has been so helpful.  You are the kind of teacher who makes sure her students do not fail.  Thank you so very much!" 

Lois Zimmermann, 
"Loved your workshop.  Wish we had another day to work on our paintings." 
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Comments Regarding Elin's Published Articles:

After the Art Calendar Article on Internet Marketing and Promotion: 

Nancy Eckles,
"Thanks so much for the very timely (for me) article on marketing art on the Internet.   Two months ago I began to paint, almost every day, and to take art classes.    Now, I'm thinking I can relax, have fun, be fulfilled and actually make some money if I do this right.  You have given me a lot to think about and I'm so excited to get this positive motivation." 

Just a quick note to let you know I received the book the other day and LOVE it!  Even though I don't work in acrylics, the information is just wonderful.
--Sharon Passmore, Kentucky

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Comments Regarding Elin's DVDs and Videos:
  • I just received my package of Colorful Oil Painting DVD’s and watched the first one. Where have you been all my life?!?! It was really well done and helped me so much. It really brought together a lot of stuff that I sort of knew/half knew but now I get it! Thank you thank you thank you! I think my painting will really improve a great deal thanks to you.
    I really enjoy getting your daily paintings too.
    So when do you sleep???
  • It is with great anticipation that I look forward to our Georgia workshop – and, of course, to meeting you >in person.    My head is swimming with so much information from your five DVDs, and I can barely wait for it to settle – and to “get it”!  I have learned something(s) new from each lesson, and the repeated info is a great review.  It’s been a little intimidating to me to actually PAINT because I sense this is such important knowledge to me,  but I am trying.  This is all so new to me – painting en plein air, painting with a well-conceived color palette, painting what I feel.  Thank you for introducing me to this!
  • WOW! It was really worth waiting for the third DVD in the Oil Painting
    Series. Very informative. I just wanted to thank you for putting these
    together and please put me on your mailing list for any future books and
  • Just wanted to tell you that the videos arrived early this week.  I've only had the time to watch the first one and have already learned a lot about colour.  I slipped out to the studio in the early morning light, I noticed the colours of the sky behind the trees and finally figured out the colours that I would use to paint that scene.  Its amazing that I have existed this long as an artist and not really bothered to analyze the hues associated with the time of day.  I have operated more on instinct, and while not unhappy with that, it is good to have a better understanding of how the quality of light should affect ones colour choices. I have also enjoyed watching your wonderful painterly style and how it flows so naturally from your brush.  
  • I've been meaning to email you to let you know how much I have enjoyed the first two DVD's in the Colorful Oil Painting Series, which I purchased from you last September. I'm eagerly awaiting #3 in the series. I love the glass palette idea and the pill boxes. I'm a beginner so it'll take a while for me to digest everything, but I'm looking forward to it.
  • I received the DVDs. Boy that was fast service! Thank you. I love them--your colors are gorgeous and you explain everything so easily. You tell us what supplies we need, colors to mix--you don't get that in painting classes or workshops. You are generous with your talent. ... I cant wait to paint our beautiful Ohio landscapes this summer using your painting methods. You make painting fun.
  • From Nita Leland, author of several books from North Light and nationally recognized workshop presenter: I finally had the leisure yesterday afternoon to sit down and watch your video. Wonderful! You present your material so well and it was just amazing to see how quickly you put the whole painting together from start to finish. You made me want to switch to oils! It was very well done.  I did enjoy it, and I'll be honest with you, I usually glaze over after a few minutes of most demos. Yours held my attention from beginning to end. Congratulations!
  • From Lynn Wade, AAEA: I just watched the plein air tape this morning!! ...It made me want to get outside, again (which I'll do when I get to Florida where it's not freezing!) I miss it! It's really laid out well, progressing from the studio to just outside to out in the wilds (a really good idea for anyone who's never done outdoor work before). Great tips, good humore, a couple of super paintings... It was just excellent! Loved the outtakes. --Lynn

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